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S&S Wholesale

Buyback Guarantee Program


Guaranteed Buyback Chart

S&S Wholesale invites you to think about the follwing questions:

Does the auction GUARANTEE a future value of your purchase?
Do the past auction results tell you EXACTLY what your vehicle is worth 0 to 60 days out?
Is there another source selling you vehicles and guaranteeing ANY value down the road?
Can any other company provide this level of service and security for your business?
Why would I want a GUARANTEED BUYBACK on purchases?

Know exactly what your vehicle is worth at any given time for up to 60 days in the future. Try different vehicles and strategies that you normally would not buy for fear of loss. Open up new potential markets, and develop new strategies with a GUARANTEE in your back pocket. Have a hedge against major market swings. Protect your investment from rapid depreciation. Capitalize on major up swings in market values. Develop a Win/Win purchase strategy. Protect your dealership against rapid changes in inventory value, especially in today's business climate.

How does the GUARANTEED BUYBACK program work?

Choose inventory that is listed on and available from our GUARANTEED BUYBACK list. Pay the small $150.00 fee per vehicle in order to activate the GUARANTEED BUYBACK. If your vehicle does not sell for any reason, simply return it to S&S Wholesale with title and receive:

95% of purchase price: 0-30 days!
90% of purchase price: 31-60 days!
It is that simple! We guarantee it!!!